About Us

Hello my name is Vincent. I am the owner/operator of Maps Coffee & Chocolate. I have been working with coffee now for over 20 years. Late 2012, I left my job with Starbucks to open my own business. I owned a bike shop, Velo +, and a few years later, started Maps Coffee within the bike shop. In spring 2017, we started Maps Chocolate. At the beginning of 2018, Velo + moved to their own locations and Maps Coffee & Chocolate bloomed into a full cafe. I am also a custom steel frame-builder. I am a hands-on make things kinda guy who absolutely loves coffee and the relationship we have with coffee. 

In December of 2016, I brought on Maddie to the team. Shortly after her start, she took over and launched our chocolate program. Maddie comes from a restaurant service background and fell in love with the customization and creativity of chocolate. Maddie makes all of our chocolate, experimenting with new recipes as often as possible. She loves trying new things and loves to make our customers happy with receives chocolate suggestions from them. We are proud and lucky to have her on our team. 

Some facts about us:

  • We roast on a Loring Falcon 15k roaster. This roaster is a state of the art most fuel efficient roaster on the planet!
  • All of our coffees are Arabica, some are Organic, Fair Trade and Direct trade offerings.
  • We sell fresh roasted coffee from light roasts to dark roasts, giving our customers a full range of coffee to love
  • We are located in Old Town Lenexa, KS 
  • Maps Coffee Roaster established October 2014, Maps Chocolate established March 2017
  • We use Ghana cacao in our chocolate
  • We had package every single bar of chocolate, true definition of labor of love
  • Find us at mapscoffee.com 
  • FB @Mapscoffee 
  • Twitter @Mapscoffee
  • Instagram @Mapscoffeekc / @mapschocolate 

Hours of operation:

Tuesday - Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday 11am - 3:00pm 

13440 Santa Fe Trail Dr Lenexa, KS 66215 


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